Best 5 Skateparks in the US for Maximum Scooter Fun

Invented by kids from poor neighborhoods in the United States who couldn’t afford real personal rides, scooter stunts are now a sport and an art. Whether you are on the road or on the skatepark, riding on a scooter will give you a different experience of fun and enjoyment.

Looking for the perfect scooter spot? These are our top places in the US where you could experience not only the scenery but also the unique spirit of scootering. There are so many places around the United States that we’ve had a hard time choosing our favorites, especially when these places are now part of the urban landscape.

Colorado, California, New York, Oregon, Florida, the list goes on. A quick overview of the best spots in America, just to fix your scooter trips for the next five to ten years.

Many elements can make a spot a place of legend: an atypical architecture, a suitable terrain, a perfect height, or its history. What all these spots have in common is that they are always associated with a renowned rider.

Andrew Reynolds and the Bercy Five, Chris Miller in the Combi Pool, Tom Penny in Radlands, or Flo Marfaing at the Dome… All it takes is a team of pros, scooters, or photographers to bring their spot to the pages of your favorite magazine or in a video.

Here is a series of iconic places and representative of the expansion of scootering both geographically and culturally.

Here are our top 5 skateparks. Is there one you think you missed? When you combine travel and scootering, it allows you to live unforgettable experiences and keep good memories. 

1. Burnside Skatepark, SE 2nd Ave, Portland, Oregon

In the 1990s, Mark ‘Red’ Scott, Sage Bolyard, Bret Taylor, and their crew began building a ramp against a wall under the Burnside Bridge in Portland. The coconuts were more than motivated to find a dry place for rainy days. Portland is a beautiful city but there are a few rinses of water falling.

Since then, the spot has continued to evolve and is now considered the symbol of the “do it yourself” movement for scootering. Popularized by the video game Tony Hawk Pro Skater, it’s a must for any scooter rider going through Oregon.

2. Kona Skatepark, 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville, FL

If you grew up in the 2000s with a skate on your feet, you probably remember Kona’s place, thanks to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game.

Kona is known for being one of the oldest private riders havens in the world still in service, thanks to the Ramos family. They celebrated their 40th anniversary last June. There, you’ll find everything you need in terms of toys: from the curved ramp to the replica pool. But what makes Kona an iconic and mythical spot is its huge outdoor snake run, witnessing the golden age of skateboarding and scootering in the days of sunburn, high socks, and headbands.

This place that time seems to have forgotten, home to generations of skateboarders and scooter riders, often from the same family, is to be done at least once.

3. Pink Motel Pool Sun Valley, 9457 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA

The Pink Motel Pool became known to skaters and scooter riders from all over the world in the film The Search for Animal Chin.

The first bowl created offers perfect transitions 3 meters high. Built in 1946, the motel has since been seen in many movies and shoots. When it closed, the pool was emptied before becoming a playground for board riding.

The bowl has recently resurfaced and hosts the Pink Motel Pool Party every year. If by chance, your next scooter trip takes you to California, note that it is possible to rent the pool for a session.

4. Etnies Skatepark, 20028 Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest, CA

Located in Lake Forest, it is the largest free scooter place in all of California. At 39826.47 sq/ft, there is plenty of room for the many players who ride it to have fun at the same time. Year after year, it has come to be considered one of the most beautiful places for scooters in the United States and has even been featured in video games. This park is open all year round.

5. Cunningham Lake Regional Skatepark, 2305 S White Rd, San Jose, CA

It is the largest skatepark in California, with 731945.91 sq/ft. It has the:

  • world’s largest green wall
  • world’s largest full pipe
  • world’s largest cradle
  • a Jump Box
  • an Olympic bowl
  • a skull bowl
  • a sewing dice
  • a street class
  • a travel bowl
  • Multi Bowl

Boxes, rails, and more! During the day, parking costs $10 (free after 6 pm), and about $5 for the skatepark (pads required).

Want more? If you missed any of the above you can still enjoy the following honorable mention skate parks.

Venice Beach Skatepark, 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

The Venice Beach Skatepark was created in 2009 in the middle of the sand that borders one of California’s most famous seaside towns. This is a very cool and sunny place (16,000 square feet). There is a snake, ramps, boxes, a street area with rails, and also steps. It was well designed by local riders and skating professionals. 

Kona Skatepark, 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville, FL

The Kona Skatepark was established in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) in the late 1970s. It has survived all the hardships of the action sports industry and three economic recessions. Thus, Kona is the “longest surviving private park” in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

This concrete structure features two pool-style bowls, one with extension, a snake track, a mini ramp, and also some street elements.

Louisville Extreme Park, 531 Franklin St, Louisville, KY

The park is known as Louisville Extreme Park with a 24-foot long pipe (one of the largest skateparks in the United States). At 40,000 square feet, it’s a crazy public place. Located near downtown Louisville, Kentucky, in the Butchertown neighborhood. You will find a crazy full pipe, bowls, fun box, a street course, a flat bank, ledges, rails, a wooden ramp.

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