How to customize your scooter

The scooter has made a smashing comeback to become both an extreme sport and a way of life. With its continued popularity, it is easier to find equipment to do scooter tuning. A short guide for beginners who want to make their mount a unique model.

The pieces of the scooter under the magnifying glass

Before you bring your custom freestyle scooter to the skateparks, you’ll have to work a little. No big deal, we’re here for this so we roll up our sleeves and stand ready to put our hands in the mud; it’s the only way to build a ride that’s unique in the world.

We start with the handlebars that exist in two categories: T and Y. The choice of the bar (short term of the handlebars) must be guided by the preference of shape and size. The shape depends on the preferences of each, the T giving a more raw look, the more modern Y. The size should make it easy to move around and tricks; so it’s super important.

Then we move on to the deck, the tray on which the feet rest. Quite honestly, given the quality of the brands on the market, the choice is mainly on aesthetics: matte, chrome, plain or patterned, it’s up to you to choose what makes you want.

The fork is an important element: it maintains the front wheel and must be able to withstand shocks, especially during receptions. This is the kind of piece that should not be ignored to save too much; no one appreciates discovering that their front wheel has gone for a ride during a run.

Ditto for the steering game which, using the fork, proves crucial for your changes of direction. Depending on the deck, you’ll have to choose between an integrated or semi-integrated model. In both cases, the quality must be at the rendezvous.

The brake is an important part as well as less crucial than on a bike. A choice between fixed and spring brakes will have to be made, but the pros generally opt for fixed, more reliable, and durable brakes. Be careful, you will need a brake of the same brand as your deck, unlike the other parts.

Wheels are one of the parts you will need most often if you have composed your scooter correctly. Several elements vary: hardness, size, quality of the gum but also plastic or aluminum core. In case of “sporty” practice, forget the plastic and switch to metal-core that will better withstand impacts.

Finally, there are the small elements: the grip that ensures you stay in place on the deck, the handlebars to hold the handlebars, or the pegs that attach to the wheels, as on the BMX, to vary the tricks.

How do you customize your electric scooter?

Back in the spotlight, the electric scooter is no longer just a children’s toy. It is a means of locomotion in its own right that offers a lot of benefits to its followers. As with any conventional vehicle, it is possible to model your vehicle so that it looks like you want to give it. Whether you’re a freestyle professional or just a user, customizing your electric scooter is an option that gives your electric vehicle a special look. To do this, a precise process achieves the desired result.

Define your need

Before you start customizing your electric scooter, the first step is to determine your need. You should know that personalization is primarily about the image you want to send to your device. At this level, design is of paramount importance. Secondly, it concerns the use that one intends to make of his machine. Indeed, a machine that will be used for freestyle will not have the same requirement and the same characteristics as another that will be used to get to work for example. The same goes for safety, because depending on the intended use, the addition of certain accessories may prove superfluous.

After this very important step, you have to move on to the choice of accessories for customizing the scooter.

The choice of parts

To ride a unique scooter, you have to choose the parts that make it up. To do this, you have to proceed point by point.

As for the handlebars, there are two kinds, namely, in T and Y. This choice should be based on size and shape. The handlebars must be of an adequate size that makes it easy to drive. It must be able to facilitate movement and movement must be done simply. In terms of form, it depends on the user. The T-shape gives a traditional look, while the Y-shape is more modern.

As for the deck, that is, the tray on which one puts your feet, the choice must be based on aesthetics. The different brands offer several styles of trays: chrome, matte, plain or patterned.

As for the fork, it must be carefully chosen. Since it is intended to take shocks, it must be able to properly maintain the front wheel. The fork should be of good quality if you don’t want your front wheel to abandon you in the middle of the exercise.

The steering game is no less important. Its mission is to ensure optimal changes in direction with the help of the fork. The choice of steering game must be based on the steering game. It can be integrated or semi-integrated but above all good quality.

The brake is important as it is on all vehicles. Personalizing your electric scooter allows you to choose between a fixed brake and a spring brake. It is recommended to use fixed brakes, as they are more reliable and durable. However, it will be necessary to ensure that the brake is of the same brand as the deck for safety.

The choice of wheels is not to be overlooked. In fact, it must be made according to the size, the quality of the gum, the hardness, and also the plastic or aluminum core. The wheels are essentially attached to use. As a result, metal-core will be preferred to plastic in the case of a sport, because it is more resistant to impacts.

Finally, you can look at a few accessories that improve comfort when driving. You can give your deck a grip to stay in balance, and you can think of the handlebars that are used to hold the handlebars.

Compatibility between parts

One aspect not to be overlooked when customizing your device is the compatibility between different parts and accessories. When choosing a part, you should be reassured that it is compatible with other parts. To find out, you need to check the specifications of each part that needs to be added to your gear. You need to be interested in weight, brand, and quality.

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