Fuzion z300 Pro Scooter Review

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The Fuzion Z300 is one of the top Pro Scooters and if you are looking for something that could make a difference whenever you are at the skatepark, read this Z300 pro review. There are many pro models on the market and this article will explain why the Z300 Pro is a good choice to buy.

What is a Pro Scooter

Before we dig deeper, it is important to understand what this article is all about and what type of product we are reviewing.

A pro, stunt, or freestyle scooter is simply a kick scooter designed for stunts and not for daily normal rides. They are built for either exhibitions or stunt competitions. There are many types of stunts using a pro model. Like skates and skateboards, you can flip, jump, and do other acrobatic styles while riding a pro scooter.

Normally, a pro scooter is not adjustable and non-foldable, has solid metal or aluminum alloy frame, and metal core wheels. Some beginner models have polyurethane wheels too. 

The big difference between an ordinary kick scooter and a pro is that the latter is made specifically for stunt and is not suggested to use on daily commutes because of their small wheels that can be a problem when hitting all types of rough pavements. Them being non-foldable can also be a problem to carry. They also usually cost more compared to ordinary kick rides.

Is Fuzion a Good and Reliable Company?

Fuzion, the manufacturer of Z30 pro is an American company based in Oakland, California. Fusion has been producing top-quality products for many years now and in 2019, the company is ranked by some un-affiliated review sites as one of the top builders of pro scooters. Today, with the Fuzion Z300, the company is only gaining more and more popularity among riders and enthusiasts alike.

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Product Technical Specification

  • Wheel size: 110mm
  • Wheel material: alloy core wrapped in 88A polyurethane
  • Bearings: ABEC-9
  • Deck width: 4.3/4 inches
  • Frame and deck: aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Brake: rear, nylon/steel
  • Load capacity: 220lbs
  • Total weight: 8lbs

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Main Features

The Fuzion Z300 Deck

One of the most important features to look into when you are looking for a pro scooter is the deck. This is very important because it is where you put all your weight. If the deck is small enough to hold your foot then you have a problem. The Fuzion Z300 deck is 4.45 inches wide and which means it’s wide enough to rest your feet comfortably. 

Another advantage is that the deck is made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with an anti-slip surface so even when you are doing your routine stunts, you will be assured to land safely without losing grips on the deck.


At 8 lbs (3.628 kgs), the Fuzion Z300 is one of the lightest stunt scooters out there. Being lightweight is extremely important for a stunt ride. Remember that this device is not designed for daily commute but for stunts so coil you imaging doing a backflip with a scooter weighing 12lbs to 15lbs?

But despite its being lightweight, the product is extremely durable. The frame is welded directly to the deck and there are no bolts or nuts that could be broken when you land on the ground. This is the exact reason why stunt scooters are non-foldable and non-adjustable. 

Aluminum Core Wheels

Unlike other pro scooters and ordinary kick models, the Fuzion Z300 Pro wheels are made of aluminum coated with solid polyurethane. One this that separates this model from its competitors is its ABEC-9 bearings when the majority of its competitors still use ABEC-7. 


The Fuzion Z300 is built for all types of riders from beginners to experts. Although it says anyone aged 8 years older and above can ride, the device is actually made for adults with a maximum capacity of 220lbs (99kgs). This means that when parents bought their teenagers a Fuzion Z300 when they are 8 years old, they still can use the device when they become adults.

Pros of Fuzion Z300 Pro

  • Strong and durable
  • Highly affordable
  • Design looks great
  • Easy to install even for non-technical people
  • Lightweight with very high capacity
  • Made of solid materials – both frame and wheels

Cons of Fuzion Z300 Pro

  • The grip tape can be uncomfortable
  • The post height is not adjustable
  • The deck is too wide for a pro model

Commonly Asked Questions about Fuzion Z300 Pro

Would someone laugh at me if I use this device in the skatepark?

This is a professionally designed product and intended to be used by adults. The company that built this put a lot of effort into producing a top-notch product. If you bring this to a skatepark, not only that other kids won’t laugh at you, they will envy you because you own one of the best rides.

What if some parts are broken like the brakes and wheels. Can I buy replacement parts?

Spareparts like wheels, brakes, and even grips are readily available online or in your local bike, or skate store. If you don’t know how to replace the broken parts, some stores offer service so you could ask them to do the parts replacement on your behalf. Brands like Fuzion have replacement parts available and this is another reason why you should buy only trusted brands. 

Can I use this scooter to go to school?

No, the Fuzion Z300 is designed specifically for skateparks and other DIY ramps. This model is not advisable to be used on bumpy roads and rough pavements. You need an ordinary kick scooter with bigger wheels if you want a service going to work or school.


Based on the features and other points that we examined and explained, it is obvious that the Fuzion Z300 Pro is one of the best stunt scooters and should be considered when you are looking to buy one. Its advantages outweigh its disadvantages and have a lot of features that guarantee durability and quality. 

Although the deck is quite wide, it’s not really a problem when the user is a teen who is just starting to do his stunts, so the wide deck has a useful purpose too!

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