How much time can a scooter save you

Wondering why you should buy a scooter and give up your current mode of transportation? Here we give you the reasons that make it an ideal means of mobility on a daily basis. 

But not only, find out how it will quickly become indispensable in all your travels. How it will make your holiday even better, or how it will save you time and money as a professional. 

Timesaving with scooter

One of the main reasons why scooters are becoming popular is because of their ability to help people reach their destination faster than walking and other means of personal transportation. 

Here are the reasons why

Scooter vs walking. Mark has 3 part-time jobs and he spends 4 hours for each job daily. He spends 20 minutes walking from one job to another. After having a scooter, he only spends 5 minutes riding from one job to another. He saved 45 minutes daily.

Scooter vs bicycle: Richard was riding on a bicycle going to school and spent 8 minutes cycling from his home to school daily. After receiving a personal mobility device birthday gift from his uncle, he only spends 5 minutes. The reason is that he can bring his scooter inside his classroom while he needed to leave the bicycle chained in the parking area. The parking area is a 10-minute walk from the parking lot. 

There are many reasons how someone can save time with scooters but you’ll find out when you buy one. There are also many reasons why you should buy this device and the following are some of them.

Change your life? Change mobility! 

You don’t think it’s possible, but you can change your life by changing your mobility. In fact, many of them testify to the positive effects that this mode of travel has had in their lives. And yes. Once tested, we do not go back, we can even find many new uses.

With all this time saved and all the less stress, users’ lives, their health, and their wallets improve. We can’t tell you enough: riding on scooters whether kick or electric makes everyone happy!!  

Social distancing and mobility after deconfinement COVID 19

All year round and under all circumstances, riding a scooter offers many advantages. However, in recent weeks another argument has been made for new electric mobility: social distancing.  And yes, the adult electric ride may be the best micro-mobility of this deconfinement. Find out how to get around after containment: the EDPM solution explains that not only does this mode of transport respect the safety rules but that you will be able to take advantage of all the temporary bike facilities that are installed everywhere. 

5 reasons to chose a scooter (kick and/or electric)

1. Economic, Ecological, Practical, and Healthy

Before you start, you should know that the first reason to choose a personal ride, also applies to the bike or even more.

Economic and environmentally friendly: a full charge costs only a few cents in electricity, and its purchase price is equivalent to 1 year of Navigo pass or two months of the monthly cost of a car. A good way to reduce your energy bill!

Good for your health: you get some fresh air. Did you know that the outside air is much less polluted than that of a car? You are relaxed because you know you won’t be late for work. You are Zen and enjoy the scenery and birdsong on your route. You can say goodbye to ulcers caused by traffic stress and traffic jams.

More direct journeys: punctuality assured (no forbidden direction, no traffic jams, no parking search, etc.) You arrive at the time you choose, every day of the year. No matter the month, your travel time is stable.

2.  Easily transportable on public transport

If you choose a foldable, compact, and lightweight model, you’ve taken the perfect way to get around in addition to public transit. On a multimodal route, this type of model saves you, no matter where you need to go. You will see, very quickly, that you will want to take it all the way. Among the large category of EDPM, the scooter is one of the models you can take anywhere with you. By choosing the model that’s right for you, you can easily ride it by your side and it will take up little space in the oar. 

3. The feeling of freedom

There is no equivalent to put flexibility in your life and free you from the constraints of everyday movements, such as the scooter.

It adapts easily to your life, whether you use it for your daily commute, in addition to public transport or the car. And yes… with this mobility, save time on your colleagues during lunch or out of the office. Avoid traffic constraints.

4. Have it everywhere with you: in the office or elsewhere

Goodbye parking space, farewell theft, or vandalism… Keep close to you at the office. The small bonus is that you can load it, the time of your work schedule, to leave in the evening on your mount. Don’t have an office? You can put it in a locker or put it under a table. In the office or elsewhere, the electric ride will be far from a constraint. 

5. Easy and friendly

Make new friends with your device. And yes… in the street, this machine does not leave indifferent, and you may well be challenged by the curious! 

Have you learned to ride a bike? You can easily learn how to ride a scooter. Stable and handy, it sneaks like an eel into the city. There is just a choice of his model according to his driving mode.

The benefits of using a scooter to go to work

Do you still have any doubts? But the scooter may be the best way to make your daily commute to work much more fun, less expensive, and faster. Discover the many benefits of going to work on an electric ride.

Today in Europe, 76% of workers use a car to get to work, and 20% have turned to “soft” or electric transport (excluding cars). While often they are less than 10km (6.2m) away and they could do otherwise. 

A small number that is likely to change over the next few years. Indeed, with the increasingly complicated traffic, the cluster of people in public transport and pollution that continues to increase in our cities; many men and women are turning to faster, greener, and more practical mobility. 

About the author

Phillip Gray

My name is Phillip Gray and I love going outdoors riding on skates and scooters. I work as a graphic designer and I love creativity. This is why I appreciate the different creative scooter’s designs. I’ve been riding on kick scooters ever since I was 5 and one of my early scooters had grown-up together with me.