Are Kick Scooters Bad for Knees

If we talk about fashions that have spread hyper-fast, no doubt the scooter wins the game. No, no design seen on the catwalk is able to match the fever that has been uncovered in large cities by the use of this transport. These rides have managed to steal the prominence of the bicycle, so much so that it is practically impossible to go out on the street and not see, not one, but several others. As you may imagine, the fact that it is a technological tool and therefore does not really require a great deal of effort on our part makes it use not the practice of exercise. However, another very different story is if we bet on the ride of a lifetime, with which (we have confirmed it) you will be able to burn calories and exercise several of the areas of the body that concern you the most.

If you’re one of those hundreds of people who’ve already been fond of scooting around town, thanks to the kick scooters that are literally everywhere. After knowing the goodness of employing one the old-fashioned way, chances are you’ll want to change your habits a little bit. 

As Cintia Cepero Obis confirms, Fitness Manager of the VivaGym Manso center (Barcelona), this is considered “a cardiovascular activity, and depending on the rate at which we move, we will carry out a low, medium or high aerobic capacity activity”. Therefore, given that it is valued as sports and that, after all, you already use it – or consider using it – as a means of transport, there can be no better excuse to incorporate some exercise into our routine without even realizing it.

There is no doubt that these riding mechanisms are a big part to burn calories especially if we use them daily but one major question always bothers many people who are not familiar with these equipment – Are Kick Scooters Bad for Knees?

Scooting as one of the methods of exercise is praised by many people who have experienced its benefits including the 30-year-old Vanessa: “I didn’t know that having another part-time job would give me enough time to exercise. Two months ago, I worked in a cafe 2 miles from my house. I walk every day and I had no time for another exercise. When I got another job I had to work for another 1.8 miles every 4 hours. This is when I decided to buy a scooter and the rest was history. I lost almost 7 pounds of weight and I enjoy riding every day.”

So let’s go back to the question; Are kick scooters bad for knees?

I talked to a number of physical fitness instructors and doctors and not one had ever told me that a scooter is bad for knees unless one has some health pre conditions like scoliosis, arthritis, and other health problems. Although the most common injuries are with knees, it has almost nothing to do with the equipment but on wearing safety gear.

Let’s compare kicking and its effects on the knees with other common cardio exercises like jogging and cycling.

Scooter vs. Jogging

Scooter riding maintains and saves joints significantly because there are no sudden or hard impacts that can lead to a shock. Remember that your knees are responsible for your total body weight when jogging. The same can’t be said when you are riding on a scooter where one of your legs is resting while the other is kicking. On the other hand, jogging may have negative impacts on knees, ankles, and backs because of shocks.

Scooter vs. Cycling

Only the lower part of the body is needed when cycling while the upper part becomes stiff which could result in both upper and lower body back pains. Additionally, the knees are responsible for all the force needed to roll the bicycle. Kicking on the other hand does not stress your knees.

How to Protect Your Knees

Knees can only get injured when the rider falls down and this can easily be avoided by wearing the needed safety gear like helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, shoes, and even protective riding google. Proper riding techniques should also be observed.

Is Riding Really Burn Calories?

But do you really burn calories? Just as it seems impossible for us to burn calories when walking or cycling as such natural exercises and that, in reality, they have behind them the motivation of displacement – although in both cases the answer is positive – it is not surprising that in the case of the scooter we have the same doubt.

Obviously, it won’t be similar to  a CrossFit session, but Cintia Cepero confirms that “we can burn 225 kcal by skateboarding for 30 minutes and up to 550 if we use it for an hour.” Some advantages had to be living away from work, right? To give you an idea of what this entails, the professional points out that 225 kcal “equals a cupcake, while an hour of exercise would be half a kilo of chocolate ice cream or two starry eggs.” In case there was any doubt, he points out that, although it all depends on the objectives of each one, “you will surely notice changes in your body if you use it regularly and accompany it on a balanced diet”.

How to Ride Safely

If now the only question you have left to answer is whether the scooter is really suitable for you, the professional indicates that “it can be used at any age, as long as there are no injuries that prevent you”, something that confirms the fact that even most adults try this new trend on the street. 

There are many things to consider when riding to avoid safety issues like avoiding populated places, avoiding traffic, avoiding difficult road conditions, and not using common riding equipment in stunts or on off-road. 

Experts state that “it would be advisable that when riding, we would change the foot with which we make the force on the ground because if not, we will always work on the same side of the body. It is important that both sides work equally so as not to create decompensations. In addition, it is very common for people who use a scooter to “drive” it with the cervical area somewhat contracted by the tension that is created for the handling of the handlebars, so if you use a scooter, take an eye on your cervical area and let it rest.”

So you only have one step left: stop renting electric scooters and get hold of yours (analog) since the expert confirms that the electric technology “is not going to help you move if your purpose is to exercise”, while the manual, “if you are a person who does not like to walk excessively and has to move continuously, instead of taking any other transport, it’s a wonderful excuse to do some sport.” 

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Phillip Gray

My name is Phillip Gray and I love going outdoors riding on skates and scooters. I work as a graphic designer and I love creativity. This is why I appreciate the different creative scooter’s designs. I’ve been riding on kick scooters ever since I was 5 and one of my early scooters had grown-up together with me.