Are Kick Scooters Dangerous? 10 Riding Safety Tips

Today, it is only pedestrians and strollers who drive on the sidewalks. Many other means of travel have also been invited: electric skates, hoverboards but also electric scooters!  Indeed, these machines are currently a very popular means of transport. And young people aren’t the only ones using it!  The big brands have understood this and they now offer innovative and sophisticated models that are intended for any age group. Are you looking for a more original and practical way of transport? You’ll find your happiness here again.

Are Kick Scooters Dangerous?

Like most riding vehicles with wheels, kick scooters have their own share of danger. These dangers could be posed by accidents like hitting someone, falling or sliding, hit by another vehicle, and the like. These dangers, however, can be avoided by following the 10 safety riding tipis below. It is important to note that the danger is not always caused by the rider but also by many factors in the environment.

10 Safety Riding Tips

  1. Do a full check-up of your scooter before you ride

Before you get on your ride, you need to do a full check-up of your equipment. Check the condition of the brakes, tires, and board itself. The process will only take you a few minutes and it will allow you to avoid a lot of trouble.

This step is recommended for all the rides you plan to do.  To test your vehicle, I recommend protected areas. You only have to put a few onboard the two wheels to know the condition. You can do it perfectly from the lobby or into the courtyard. Test ride in an area where no one is present. 

  1.  Wear safety equipment

Whether you ride a motorcycle, scooter, bike, or other two-wheel mobility vehicles,  the first thing to do is wear safety equipment. Safety clothing is not just helmets, gloves,  and protective elbow/knee pads. You will also have to choose a very visible colored outfit. This will make it easy for motorists and other riders to recognize you.

  1. Respect the terms of use prescribed by manufacturers

At the time of manufacture, most major brands offer several conditions of use in order to avoid accidents and mishandling. These types of vehicles are subject to a weight limit, among other things. These are also means of locomotion that are intended for one person. If so, its stability will be called into question. One piece of advice I will give you, in this case, is to avoid putting too much weight on the board, even for fun.

For parents, be aware that the choice of product for your children is not random. In particular, you have to take into account their age and weight to be sure to find the best model. Brands may offer products with different models, more or less large, depending on the case.

  1.  Choose the right route to take

Also, be aware that you can’t ride just anywhere. The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act imposes some rules, especially for the use of electric kick vehicles for adults. Among other things, they are not allowed on pavements and bike paths as long as they carry an engine. You’re going to have to use the same lane as motorists. This forces you to pay even more attention to driving.

For children, in addition to parks, they can ride in the yard or on car parks, or even on sidewalks. The law is not very demanding on this.  Nevertheless, it is preferable to choose a land without obstacles and preferably bitumen and dry to guarantee their safety. Optimal monitoring of your dear little blonde heads, especially novices, will be necessary.

  1.  Exit the rides on rainy days!

If possible, don’t go for a ride on rainy days. These machines are not very stable on a wet road. This is mostly the case if you are a novice in the use of this kind of vehicle. If you especially like to take advantage of the rain to get some fresh air, experts recommend electric models instead of classic scooters. You’ll have better control. This will allow you to avoid collisions.

  1.  Focus on your driving

No matter what kind of machine you drive, you should always focus on driving. According to some surveys, the majority of road accidents are due to a lack of inattention by drivers. This is also valid during scooter rides. In particular, they require a little more concentration.

It’s a little stable. In addition, to turn left or right, you will need to use the handlebars. Depending on the age of your vehicle, the brakes can take a long time to stop it. If you don’t want to fall, avoid playing with your smartphone while driving. And above all, it is advisable not to be distracted by the music you listen to.

  1.  Respect the maximum speeds imposed

Electric kick scooter drivers are subject to rigorous police control. Like motorcycles, 2-wheel motor vehicles can cause accidents.  That is why the authorities impose a maximum speed limit on them. For your information, you cannot exceed 25kph (14.29mph) in this type of vehicle. Knowing that the minimum speed is 6 kph (3.73mph) when you are on the sidewalk is also important.

  1.  Insurance is recommended

For electric rides, insurance is recommended. However, it is not mandatory. But at the risk of repeating myself, I advise you to take one!  You have several alternatives: injury coverage, third-party injury insurance, and insurance to cover the injuries of others in the event of a collision.

Scooter insurance works like any other cover but if it is not available, personal accident insurance is a good alternative. 

  1.  Why check with the town hall before driving an electric kick scooter?

Some town halls impose restrictions on the use of scooters of any kind. It can be area limits of use, speed limits, or many others. The standards in question vary from one town hall to another.  Most of the information you need is available on the websites of the town halls or on request. Just do a little research! 

  1.  Know the offenses and penalties

Electric scooters or other vehicles are subject to the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Either you are riding on an electric model or a pedal scooter, knowing the offenses and penalties could let your self stay away from any trouble.

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