Health Benefits: Can You Lose Weight by Riding a Scooter

We all know how great a feeling to have an active and beneficial way of life is for us humans. But it’s the action that counts and most of us end up being tied up by our daily routine and never go to the park, gym, or outside. We stay indoors all day without sweating or exercise.  As they say, there is no shortcut to greatness. The adult scooter can not only be your daily means of transportation, but it can also make you more active, healthy, and stress-free.

Can a Scooter Be Used in Exercise?

Definitely yes! What matters here dedication with consistency. If you drive once a month, don’t consider this practice to make yourself more active. However, if you ride regularly who often ends up in roller skate parks and always carries his scooter with him – then yes, you’re already on the right track. Daily riding is like cycling – you sweat, you burn calories, feel refreshed,  and what you get is an active day in advance.

Riding a 2-wheel equipment is considered healthier than riding any motorized mobility vehicle. A piece of motorized equipment looks cool but does not involve any physical exercise. You may want to drive an electric bike to impress people or relax by taking a break from your stressful daily routine, but that’s not going to make your lifestyle more active and healthier.  Motorized riding equipment is also good considering that they allow you to free yourself from your all-in routine. A kick scooter, on the other hand, makes your body work. It particularly helps in the training of the lower body muscles that includes hips, and legs and also stimulates your mind and upper body balance.

So in the end, yes, riding on a pedal scooter is a great way to exercise!

Benefits of Using a Scooter to Exercise

There are many advantages to riding a kick scooter.

Burn Body Fats

Scooter riding is obviously a low-impact exercise. This means that while driving around, the heart rate is not exposed to great fatigue – there is between 60% and 70% of the maximum range. This is where experts say our bodies are starting to consume fat as fuel. So if you want to burn some fat – make sure you ride around a few hours a day.


Fasting is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Experts are of the opinion that if you can do a continuous session (no more than 30 minutes) of scooting before breakfast, you are more likely to lose weight faster than exercise at any other time. So get on your machine, try to get to the office before everyone else – have a healthy breakfast, and start working.

Easy Body Recovery

Experts recommend that after a workout, it is necessary to let your muscles relax. They go for a low-intensity session at the end of the workout. This usually means more time to exercise. The scooter, on the other hand, is a low-intensity exercise that needs a longer time to get a result. You can save time by exercising during rides and get the same benefits.

Safe and Easy

Scooting is not only fun, it’s safe and easy too. Nothing hurts more than an injury during a workout or exercise you’ve just started. This can put an unwanted and annoying break to your routine. Most people don’t want to start exercising again after such an incident. Those who do, find it terribly difficult and the risk of injury is always present in mind. With the kick scooter, this is not the case to worry about. The 2-wheel ride does not stress you and the risk of injury is minimal … unless blindfolded, of course 🙂

Go Tilted for More Benefits

Just like a treadmill and running down a slope, a pedal riding machine can be used to climb a slope for extreme benefits. We advise our readers to be very careful when descending a slope or going straight downhill. As good as your adult riding equipment is, it may not offer the same stability and control as a bike or a 4×4 off-road vehicle, especially at high speeds.

Burn More Calories

To burn more calories, you would need about 100 watts of kicking power (at an average speed). With that in mind, it would do 86 kCal of work in an hour. Thus, it would burn about 430 kCal of energy in one hour of continuous kicking and riding. Just make sure you alternate your legs. It is not advisable to use only one leg in kicking while the other leg is steady on the deck. This could make your other leg stagnant while the other is tired.

What Body Muscles are Affected?

When you drive regularly for more than an hour, almost all the muscles in your body are stretched. That said, the lower body muscles are the most stressed. The muscles of the calf, knee, thighs, and back are just a few of those that do all the hard work for you.

Your hands are doing the exercise too. Holding the handlebars for a long period of time while doing all the steerings and balancing, your whole body is also affected.


It is important to keep in mind that exercise on a scooter is supposed to be low intensity. So don’t try to overdo it if you really want to see the long-term benefits and avoid serious injury. And like many other personal riding pieces of equipment, riding on a 2-wheel kick machine could also result in an injury if you don’t follow the required and/or suggested safety measures and proper riding procedures. Safety gear like helmets, gloves, shoes, knee and elbow pads are always required.

So to answer the question if you can lose weight on scooters, the answer is a big YES! Just make sure you follow the above suggested of at least 1 hour daily to get the best result. As long as you are burning calories, you are losing weight!

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Phillip Gray

My name is Phillip Gray and I love going outdoors riding on skates and scooters. I work as a graphic designer and I love creativity. This is why I appreciate the different creative scooter’s designs. I’ve been riding on kick scooters ever since I was 5 and one of my early scooters had grown-up together with me.